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Banking Course

Our banking management e-learning course has a modular structure and gradually instruct about various typical business situations for banks ranging from the classic lending business in the private customer sector, through sophisticated portfolio management, to complex capital market investments. After completing the banking course, you will understand how banking works, where the risks lie and what key indicators are relevant to monitor in the successful operations of a bank.

Banking Simulation

Take responsibility as a member of the Management Board of My Bank AG.

Find the best strategy for generating growth through new products and turning your business client bank into a universal bank. To manage the risk and efficiency in the current business, use the Tier 1 capital ratio and the cost-to-income ratio. Their performance is ultimately reflected in the market capitalization achieved. More info.

This simulation is an ideal continuing our comprehensive Banking | Course.

Airport Simulation

Take responsibility for the management of My Airport AG.

Find the best strategy to optimally develop the number of flights and passengers at your airport. Invest in terminal capacity, runways, parking lots and modernizing your airport. Make sure you have good financial resources at the lowest possible cost of capital. Their performance is ultimately reflected in the market capitalization achieved. More info.

Car Dealer Simulation

Take responsibility as the managing director of Car Dealer GmbH.

Manage the purchase and sale of new and used cars. Build on this basis your customer service and develop the lucrative business of parts and accessories. Pay particular attention to the seasonality of the business and the liquidity situation of your company..

Car Manufacturer Simulation

Take responsibility as CEO of MyCar Company.

Find the best strategy in times of disruptive change towards electromobility. Manage your locations in the US, China, and Europe and make smart decisions about the timing and scope of new model development. Regularly analyze market research in order to detect trend shifts in the customer segments. With predictive pricing and marketing budgets, you can support your on-the-market products at every stage of the lifecycle. You can read off your success at any time by the amount of the share price achieved. More info.

Hotel Simulation

Take responsibility as a hotel manager of My Hotel Co AG.

Invest in new hotels, modernize infrastructure and train your employees to develop their skills. Only with high commitment of the employees you can satisfy your hotel guests and expect repeated visits. Through marketing measures and price positioning you can also optimize the room utilization. An important contribution to the efficiency of your hotel business! Their performance is ultimately reflected in the market capitalization achieved. More info.

HR Management Simulation

As HR Manager of a bank, you have the task of advancing digitization with HR projects and investments and to form the best management teams for your core business. This can only succeed if you are perceived as an attractive employer in the market via HR marketing measures. Keep an eye on the impact on diversity, agility and digitalization in all decisions. Your success in digitizing the bank and in human resources management can be read off the share price at any time. More info.

KPI Simulator

KPIs are the key performance indicators used to manage a company successfully and target-oriented. As a rule, every industry has special KPIs. With the KPI Simulator we make the influencing factors and drivers visible and tangible to these target values. Sensitivities and reinforcing effects can be directly understood and immediately become an experience. The display of the deltas in the contribution margin statement, income statement and balance sheet shows the dynamics of the numbers. More info.

Telecom Simulation

Take responsibility for the management of BizTel AG.

Find the best strategy to win new customers and retain your customers in this highly competitive market. Use company metrics, ARPU, churn rate, and CGPA to track average revenue per user, churn rate, and new customer acquisition costs. Invest in the modernization of the infrastructure and always keep an eye on the financial situation, especially your cash flow. Their performance is ultimately reflected in the market capitalization achieved. More info.

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