Banking | Director

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With the Director Course, you experience banking in its full complexity. Learn how to analyze takeover candidates, select them, and expand their product portfolio appropriately through inorganic growth. Learn how capital increases and capital market businesses use to expand your business. Lead your bank in a free simulation through a phase of increasing Basel III regulation. At the end, you complete the Course Director with a certificate.

Learning targets: Portfolio and risk analysis for a bank M & A. Long-term growth of a bank through strategic and operative product management, capital increases and capital market transactions. Banking in a dynamically regulated environment.

Method: Self-learning in a guided simulation and a free simulation part with support by virtual managers.

Duration: Depending on the participant’s prior knowledge, approximately 4-6 hours are required to complete this course. The course can be used in a period of 3 months from order.

Prerequisite: Banking | Trainee-Course and the Banking | Manager-Course (included in this course!)

Price: 369,- EUR