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The Manager Course provides an overview of the portfolio for a bank’s private and business customers. You will learn about basic products of the business customer segment and the sensitivities of pricing on interest rates and fees with their impact on earnings, liquidity and market capitalization. The primary focus of this course is on the risk assessment of products, limitations of core capital ratio and the influence of regulations on Basel III criteria. By making decisions and experiencing the resulting outcomes, you discover relationships for the long-term growth of your bank.

Learning targets: Familiarization with the business segment of a bank. Interdependencies in the preparation of a product portfolio – in particular on the risk assessment. Influence of Basel III on the risk management and long-term growth of the bank.

Method: Self-learning in a guided simulation and a free simulation part with support by virtual managers.

Duration: Depending on the participant’s prior knowledge, approximately 4-6 hours are required to complete this course. The course can be used in a period of 3 months from order.

Prerequisite: The Banking | Trainee-Course (included in this course!)

Price: 198,- EUR