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From the Trainee Course, you will receive instruction on the basic mechanisms of the banking business. You will learn about the basic products around the three pillars of deposits, credits and services. Additionally, you will experience the direct impact of price setting on interest rates and fees in terms of earnings, liquidity and the bank’s market capitalization. You will be engaged in actively making investment decisions while gaining insights into the impact on fixed and operational costs, as well as the equity of your bank. The course is available in english and german (you can switch the language in the simulation at any time).

Learning objectives: Building a basic understanding of bank terms, products, key figures and decision and success parameters in the retail banking business.

Method: Self-learning in a guided simulation.

Duration: Depending on the participant’s prior knowledge, approximately 2-3 hours are required to complete this course. The course can be used in a period of 3 months from order.

Prerequisite: No previous experience is required. Ideally, the participant will have basic commercial knowledge and an interest in the banking business.

Price: Free to use