Frequently asked questions

General questions

What is the IndustryMasters Learn@ Platform?

The IndustryMasters Learn@ Platform enables professionals, students and anyone else wishing to learn management skills with an engaging, competitive and fun experience to build realistic management experience and knowledge. From simulation-based courses, we create management topics of all industries in a practice-oriented and media-friendly form. Engaging storylines and increasing levels of difficulty maintain curiousity and motivation.

What courses are available at Learn@IndustryMasters?

Our course offering in this exciting format is in the Bank Management industry. Various course levels are available, including Trainee, Manager and Director levels. Certificates are available from each upon the successful completion of the course. Case studies for Aitport, Hotel, Car Manaufacturer Management and many more are available too.

What is the difference between a course and a case study?

In our case studies you can personally experience the differences of various industries in a free simulation. Some case studies gives you support by virtual managers, but mainly you are free to make decisisons.

Our e-learning courses have a modular structure and illuminate various typical business situations step by step. Following the principle of the web-based learning platform, different methods of online knowledge transfer are combined: Text content and animated graphics are loosened up and supplemented by short learning videos that illustrate important processes for you.

What makes learning with IndustryMasters so different and successful?

We combine the engaging hands-on experience of our simulations with an extensive professional glossary and videos. Our virtual managers also enable us to support the decision-making process in complex situations with artificial intelligence. You learn through your own decisions as you play through case studies within the simulation. As such, learning by doing is merged with Gamification.

Our simulations are already successfully used worldwide by many top companies, business consultancies for the further training of managers and executives. Universities and business schools use our simulation courses in traditional and MBA programs.

What learning resources are available to me in the course?

A company simulation with various case studies is the foundation of the courses. Other learning resources, such as videos, glossaries, and support for virtual managers, will complete your learning experience. For individual questions you may also communicate with our experienced trainers.

How do I learn in the courses?

The courses are modular and increase in difficulty and complexity at advancing levels. As a rule, the courses (Trainee and Manager) start as pure self-learning modules. In addition, you can book support from our trainers.

Who can book courses at Learn@IndustryMasters?

Learn@IndustryMasters is open to all inquisitive learners. Private customers can register directly. Companies and universities also offer special packages with access rights for employees or students. You may request them directly from us.

What are open and closed courses?

An open course usually consists of people working in different companies or organizations. We offer closed courses to companies and universities to conduct individual training sessions. These can be supplemented by specialist lectures and include participant discussions.

When will I receive a certificate?

Upon successful completion of all required objectives for the Director Course, you will receive a certificate. If you successfully participate in a management competition at the Board level, you will also receive a participation certificate with your score and the overall ranking. Certificates following the successful completion of our Director and Board Courses allow you to download your certificate immediately upon completion. Certificates are only avalable in english. Please contact us if you want to get your certificate in german.

How can I take part in a course?

Please visit the Overview and confirm your personal data and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Select a course and click “order.” Complete the form with your personal data and confirm our privacy, participation and license terms and conditions.  You may easily pay for our courses via PayPal.

How expensive is a course?

The prices for our courses can be found at the respective course pages.

Companies and universities also offer special packages with access rights for employees or students. You may get them directly from us.

How can I test content for free?

Learn more about the course “Trainee | Banking” here.

Can i save the simulation progress?

The simulation progress is saved automatically. When you leave the simulation (either by using the leave function or closing the browser) the progress will be saved. Next time you join you will start where you have ended before.

Which languages are available?

The simulations are available in English and German. You can switch the language in the simulation at any time!

How to get a discount for the courses?

Trainees and students receive a 50% discount on Banking |Trainee, Manager and Director Course!

Send us your transcript or proof of apprenticeship to You will get then a voucher which you can use to redeem the discount when ordering your course in the shop.

How long can i use a course or case study?

The courses and case studies can be used in a period of 3 months from order.

Courses/Case Studies are not displayed on "My Courses" page

The courses and case studies can be used in a period of 3 months from order. After that period access is not longer possible and and they are hidden on the “My Courses”  page.

Questions about technology and payment

What hardware/software do I need?

The simulation is completely web-based and does not require any software installations. The only requirement is a current standard browser and Internet access.

Participation in the courses from the private PC (recommended) or Tablet or from a corporate network is usually possible without problems. Knowledge is also not required, as the simulation is intuitive to operate.

What requirements do I have to bring?

Ideally, you bring some commercial basic knowledge and interest in the banking business or the relevant subject area. Try our “Learning with fun” simply.

How can I pay for the course?

Our courses can be easily paid by PayPal or by Invoice (for Companies, Universities etc.). Also contact us directly for special packages with access authorizations for employees or students.

How does PayPal work? When you register with PayPal, you deposit bank data or credit card, and then you pay online or mobile only with an e-mail address and password. You can also pay once by credit card without opening an account. More information here:

What happens after a course has been paid?

After payment of the course, your individual access to the academy is set up within 24 hours. You will then immediately receive the access data to the stored e-mail address and can get started immediately (this applies to the self-learning courses).

Where can I redeem a voucher?

In the shopping cart there is a special field in which you can enter a coupon code (“Apply Voucher”). The discount deposited with the voucher will be deducted immediately upon purchase.

Is there a run-time limit for accessing my courses?

You have at least 3 months of access to all courses you buy at Learn@IndustryMasters. Once this minimum period has elapsed, your access will be renewed once upon request for a further 3 months.

Personal advice

Here we have summarized the most important questions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us .