KPIs are the key performance indicators used to manage a company successfully and target-oriented. As a rule, every industry has special KPIs. With the KPI Simulator we make the influencing factors and drivers visible and tangible to these target values. Sensitivities and reinforcing effects can be directly understood and immediately become an experience. The display of the deltas in the contribution margin statement, income statement and balance sheet shows the dynamics of the numbers

Simulation of KPI

A business key figure is used to assess or evaluate a company. Key figures are also used to compare the performance between several companies. The measure is derived from company data and measures a repetitive state or process that is of entrepreneurial importance. Ideally a clear statement related to a problem statement, be representative and be determined without too much economic effort.

The support of the management in the goal-oriented control of the enterprise is the main task of characteristic numbers. The following central functions can be assigned to the key figures:

  • Business decisions are usually made on the basis of key figures that represent the risks and opportunities of the current situation.
  • Key figures are also used to control the plans in the management. In practice, target values ​​of a key figure are often specified as a measure to achieve the target. Emergence deviations are carried out for cause analysis, which results in a course correction or a catalog of measures to achieve the set goals.
  • Key figures help in the enforcement of decisions, in the coordination of different business areas and their harmonization and in the documentation of facts.

The KPI-Simulator will be available soon.