The Learn@ IndustryMasters Platform

The Learn@ IndustryMasters Platform offers you a completely new way of e-learning. Simulation-based learning at your own pace. It’s faster, better, more convenient – and available at a low cost.

The focus is on knowledge building and a deep understanding of general and cutting-edge management issues. To this end, different industries and management areas are the focus of the learning experience. The methodology is based on three key success factors: motivation through play, experiential learning through, as well as virtual training with personal, situational support.

  • Playing is the archetype of learning. Our simulations are built like computer games. Participants take over a virtual company and decide on the strategy and operational implementation. Your high score is the company’s value. With this measure, you compare yourself with other learners and the best players who have already completed the same tasks. Our simulations are engaging, movitating and fun!
  • Nothing is as strong as your own experiences. Participants make mistakes in the simulation that help them build real experiences. As Confucius said, ‘What i hear, i forget; what i see, i remember; what i do, i understand’. This will actually help you in management practice.
  • Virtual training enables more efficient and cost-effective learning. You choose when you need individual coaching and support in understanding or solving management problems. General information is provided via video, as a glossary or within the Knowledge base. This type of hands-on e-learning will advance your management abilities.

All you need to begin is a basic interest in a topic and online access.

We have been providing the underlying simulation platform worldwide for many years in the service of customer projects. Depending on the objective, we can design individualized simulation models. If required, we also offer appropriate in-house training from a single source. The Learn@ Platform supports self-learning blended with virtual training. We hope you truly enjoy your first experience!

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Feedback about simulation learning

With the help of the Learn@ Platform I was able to gain a great deal of expertise and, as a novice in the industry, gain foresight. Expertise, learning and fun combined perfectly!

Torben Kampf
Torben Kampf

A really educational and entertaining experience that will raise your ambition!

Coralie TessunMünchener Hypothekenbank eG

Adding content interactively and implementing it directly has contributed to a very positive learning experience.

Susanne WolffMBtech Group

My son (12 years old) did not want to believe that I was learning. He was firmly convinced that I play. I think that’s a very nice compliment to a learning platform.

Alexandra Kolkmann AirPlus International